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Authenticity. Empathy. Imagination.

Mercedes Perry earned her B.A. in Business Management with an emphasis in Human Resources & Training & Development. She also holds a professional certificate in Family Engagement from Harvard Graduate School of Education. Perry has consistently demonstrated a commitment to public service and social  justice throughout her career in the nonprofit industry and extracurricular involvement that includes political activism, social service advocacy, parent and family engagement and advocacy, community volunteerism, and facilitation of difficult group conversations on a range of topics relating to race, gender, self-identity and education policy. Perry’s personal commitment to racial equity, ethical conduct, and integrity is ever present through her dedication to working with populations that are often disempowered in the political arena such as the undereducated, and impoverished. Perry also has a passion for empowering Black families and educators, specifically in the fields of education reform, civic engagement, and leadership training & skill development.Perry has worked tirelessly for several non-profit organizations and school districts in the hopes of using her knowledge, skills and abilities towards developing sustainable organizational outreach and community engagement strategies, build community-based coalitions, implementing projects and programs, and training and managing people. Today, Perry continues to serve as an independent consultant, work for the City of Austin and pursue her Master's in Counseling with a focus on Marriage and Families. She is a proud Black Austin native whose social justice spirit was cultivated by a community that grounded her, inspired her, and continues to motivate her towards being a catalyst for change.

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I have been invited to guest speak on several podcasts, panels, at conferences and on countless "brain-picking" coffee networking dates. I love to engage and truly believe in the power of changing the world by building one relationship at a time. Would you like to experience a moment with Me? I keep it Real, Radical and Raw. Learn more about my approach below. 

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I give it to you straight, with no filter or chaser. I am always extra but I always give extra. No code-switching or professional banter. I speak my truth and accept that closure is not always possible. I carry these norms in work and life. 


I feel the pain and struggle of others and actively sit with it to lead us all towards a more liberated future … together. I am Anti-Racist meaning: actively working to dismantle institutional racism. I keep a radical approach in work, a radical opinion in policy and a radical outlook on the future of human society. You could call me an "abolitionist".


I solve problems in novel ways, organize actionable battle plans that buck convention and operate outside-the-box. I can meet people where they are and positively-disrupt systems, breaking them down to a raw form with the intent to rebuild with sustainability in mind.

Adaptability. Communication. Woo. Individualizaiton. Restorative. 

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